Growing up, my parents taught me humility
and fairness. I start my introduction with
that fact because it is really the basis of
who I am today. I was born in Doha, Qatar
and spent most of my developing years in
London, UK.


Al Mana is a Qatari conglomerate, operating 55 companies
in 8 countries and employing over 3500 personnel.
Industry activities include automotive distribution and services,
real estate and investments, retail, food & beverage,
engineering, technology, media and entertainment.
The group covers most areas of retail including luxury goods,
beauty,fashion, home interiors, watches and jewellery.


The journey to help those less fortunate than I am and to give in order to better the life of another are acts of humanity, compassion and generosity.
The act of giving time, resources and a warm smile changes lives and I hope you can do the same. Here are the charities that I support, please take a moment to click on them.
All praise due to Allah, the most gracious, the most
merciful. The one and only God, the same God of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (PBUT).